Transformer terminal clamping performance test system incorporating 3D vision Return

Project introduction:

Transformer terminal clamping performance test system incorporating 3D vision

Keywords: robot; 3D vision; AGV forklift system

background Traditional power transformers with a capacity of 30 to 630kVA are tested manually. Workers move the transformer to a designated location to complete the installation, fixing, and testing of the terminal. This has the problems of low degree of automation, heavy workload, high risk, and high professional requirements for maintenance personnel, which cannot meet the increasing demand for electrical maintenance operations. In order to achieve the goal of "reducing staff, increasing efficiency, improving quality, and ensuring safety", Wuhan Haimo Robot Co., Ltd. has launched a fully automatic transformer terminal clamping performance test platform. The automatic transformer terminal clamping performance test platform has greatly improved the flexible operation and automation of power transformer testing. Design The system is based on a robot and uses color and depth cameras to obtain environmental data. The 3D real scene restoration technology is used to fuse the original color point cloud data to generate a three-dimensional point cloud model of the transformer. Determine the assembly position of the terminal and the required detection position, and set the terminal position as the target position point. Automatic obstacle avoidance is realized through trajectory planning algorithm, and the effective motion trajectory of the end of the robot is obtained and sent to the robot. The robot gets the execution command and starts to perform the terminal clamping performance test operation. Through testing at the test site of the State Grid, it is proved that the system can replace the inspectors for unmanned operations.

In addition, the system also uses an intelligent AGV forklift system, which is responsible for transporting the transformer to a fixed tooling location. The forklift system adopts SLAM navigation technology, no need to set the map and route in advance, use the external environment related objects to observe and calculate and construct the map in real time for navigation. In the automatic transformer terminal clamping performance test platform, the PLC system communicates with the vision system, intelligent AGV forklift system, robot, etc. to achieve overall control. Each data is operated by PLC for interactive data calculation and logic control.


This system is the first self-developed automatic transformer terminal clamping performance test platform in China, which solves the problem of heavy manual testing of transformer terminals, improves the test efficiency and greatly improves the safety of the test.

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