01 Smart Internet, remote collaboration

  1. Automatic perception

  2. AI Adaptation

  3. Safe and sound

  4. Real time monitoring

  5. Application is simple

  6. Wireless Teaching

02Safe operation, flexible and intelligent

  1. Omni-vision scan

  2. Advanced 3D reconstruction

  3. Intelligent path planning

  4. On-line process planning

03Flexible production and cooperation

  1. Design for small workpiece

    Small workpieces, including adaptive hands, working arms, control of the brain, control force sensing, visual guidance and monitoring, and software technology.

  2. Man-machine collaboration only

    Collaborative robots have a sense of power and position, so they can work side by side with humans and can be mounted on ordinary workbenches.

  3. Suitable for flexible production

    It is a new type of productivity with high efficiency to improve the flexibility and strain ability of production, shorten the production cycle and improve the production efficiency.

04Modular design, integrated joint, flexible deployment

Hammer series collaborative robots originated in China "tiangong ii space lab, reference the design inspiration of space laboratory, combining with the understanding of space manipulator, we for motor

  1. Aerospace

    Aero-class materials bring a lighter and stronger experience

  2. Military Industry

    Collapsible handling with multiple degrees of freedom

  3. Auto manufacturing

    Each joint can be directly disassembled and replaced

  4. Medical field

    Monitor joint operation online

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