Chairman Harmo was invited to the 2018 laser chain smart manufacturing summit

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July 20,2018, the Wuhan laser chain intelligent manufacturing and high-end Manufacturing Industry Association successfully held the laser chain intelligent manufacturing summit: "talents gather together in the Valley of light to help Wuhan Take off 2018" , "Artisans Wuhan, 'smart' Make Wuhan, World Wuhan" , the First First Congress of the Association and its members. Harmo robot chairman Comrade Xiao Haifeng was invited to attend, and successfully signed the agreement on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

It is reported that this conference is large-scale, multi-talented and grand. The President of the Association opened the prologue of the speech "Artisans Wuhan, 'wisdom' Wuhan, Wuhan of the world" , du Yun, deputy director of the provincial department of Science and Technology, Zhao Feng, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and technology, Li Kepeng, president of China Academy of Industrial Internet Research, and other leaders attended the meeting.

At 10:40, in the special session of intelligent manufacturing in Wuhan, Xiao Haifeng, chairman of harmo robotics, and Liu Bin, vice president of the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, jointly signed the agreement on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, according to the Fast Development Opportunity of Wuhan, we will give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain resources in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river.

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