Leaders of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Group Visit Highmore

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On May 5,2019, Li Xiyong, chief chief chief engineer of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Group, and his party came to Wuhan Harmo robot. Harmo robot general manager Xiao Haifeng, sales director Xie Qiang and other relevant leaders were received.

Xiao Haifeng introduces the development goal and status of Harmo robot strategy. Later, the delegation visited the Harmo Intelligent Manufacturing Center and gave full recognition to Harmo's technology and production process. At the same time, I hope to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the division to achieve common development.
After the inspection, Li Zong of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Group was very surprised that our R & D Technology, test and verification, and production quality control capabilities far exceeded their expectations, and subsequently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with our company, will fully carry out the application of cooperative robots in the field of auto parts, with Dongfeng optimization of a new round of production line personnel structure optimization! During the visit, apart from praising our ability to be among the best in the industry, I also believe that we will be able to make a satisfactory quality products, for the upcoming cooperation has laid a solid foundation. We will take this opportunity to strengthen the enterprise management and improve the level of scientific research, and make greater contribution to the robot automation!

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