A 600-million-yuan "Harmo robot industrial park" has been built in Huangshi

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On May 29,2019, our company signed the "investment contract for the Harmo robot industrial park project" with Economic and Technological Development Zones Government of the People's Republic of China in Shenzhen. The mayor of Huangshi, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Development Zone attended the contract signing ceremony of the Industry Investment Promotion Meeting.

As the core of "one core, two belts and three districts" transformation and development demonstration zone in Hubei Province, Huangshi is a model of traditional industrial city developing to new-type intelligent manufacturing, with perfect industrial base and industrial chain. Economic and Technological Development Zones and Harmorbot plan to invest 600 million yuan to build a yellowstone robot industrial park, with initial investment to build an annual production capacity of 3,000 units / sets of collaborative robots, to advance yellowstone's industrial upgrading strategy.

Wuhan Hammer Robotics Co. , Ltd. (HARMO ROBOTICS) was founded in September 2016. Focus on industrial intelligent equipment design and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. Harmo robotics is dedicated to the development and production of a new generation of collaborative robots. It was founded by a group of returning doctors in the fields of artificial intelligence and intelligent equipment. The company now has 1,000 experts, 3 professors and 5 doctors, a team of industrial technicians. The company has complete technology and intellectual property rights, the combination of the product with the intelligent flexible cooperative robot system and precise force control technology has been widely used in automobile, military industry, furniture and other industries to provide users with a number of integrated solutions. Robots and solutions are widely used in the fields of grinding, welding, spraying, assembly, loading and unloading.

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