QHow many models of Harmo collaborative robots are there? How is the load?

A There are four models of Harmo collaborative robots: HM03, HM06, and HM12, with loads of 3kg, 6kg and 12kg respectively.

QDoes the Harmo collaborative robot need a teach pendant? How to use wireless internet?

A The Harmo collaborative robot does not need to be bound by a traditional teach pendant, and can be wirelessly interconnected with the robot body through the client APP, making the teaching process more convenient.

QHow safe is the Harmo series of collaborative robots?

A The Harmo series of collaborative robots have a built-in torque feedback module. When a collision reaches the set torque upper limit, the robot stops in time to prevent humans and other equipment from being injured, and to achieve safe human-machine cooperation.

QWhat industries and scenarios can the Harmo series of collaborative robots be applied to?

A Benefiting from the industry's leading position in core technologies such as integrated joint design, wireless interconnection, drag-and-drop teaching, visual programming, and safety protection, Harmo series robots are currently widely used in various types of assembly lines and workstations. Scenario applications such as welding, machine loading and unloading, grinding, injection molding, inspection, packaging, injection, gluing, palletizing, sorting, screw locking, etc.

QHow does the Harmo series of collaborative robots embody inclusive collaboration?

A The integrated industrial design concept and excellent function settings such as collision stop and 3D visual recognition ensure that the Haimer series of collaborative robots do not need to be safe when operating in harsh environments such as high temperature, high noise, high cleanliness, and dust. The fence can still fully take care of people and other equipment from being harmed. And it can complete the task well without causing personal injury or equipment damage, and realizes the collaboration and integration with operators, other robots and the working environment.

QWhy is Harmo collaborative robot plug-and-play and rapid deployment?

A The Harmo series robots are light and small, with the characteristics of easy installation, visual recognition, and strong equipment compatibility. The ultra-high passability and flexible features enable Xiaozhu to truly realize plug-and-play and rapid deployment in any production environment. Small batches, multiple batches, customization, short cycle and other production requirements are excellent.
1. It can be installed at any position and angle of the production line, which greatly reduces the space requirement;
2. Excellent visual positioning system ensures that the robot can switch at any time on multiple workbenches;
3. Perfectly compatible with optional packages of major brands of grippers, suction cups, force sensors, etc.

QHow about programming the Harmo series of collaborative robots?

A The Harmo collaborative robot supports two forms of mobile drag-and-drop programming and visual programming. Manually drag the end of the robot to the corresponding point, and the robot arm can learn and memorize independently to complete the programming; APP visual programming, which converts complex code language into Chinese characters, can easily teach, and the human-machine collaboration is more humane. The new program is edited and adjusted, and the entire process only takes a few minutes.
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