PhoXi 3D Scanner

Product Overview

Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner is a device that uses a structured light projection to reconstruct the geometry of a 3D surface of an inspected object. One or more structured patterns are projected onto a scene during scan, which allows calculation of depth from images of the scene. The surface geometry is provided to the user as a depth map or in the form of a point cloud.

The scanning process consists of three phases: capturing (or acquisition), processing (computation) and transfer. In the first stage, the Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner projects a series of light patterns onto the scene. Once the data has been acquired,the Scanner calculates all visible points on the surface and sends this data to the user via Ethernet connection.

Communication with the Scanner should be at least 1 Gbps in order to prevent bottlenecks during the data transfer process.